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Insurance broker is a legal entity representing the policyholder in relations related to entering into and executing insurance contracts with the insurer on behalf of the policyholder, or conducting intermediary activities on their own behalf by providing services related to entering into insurance contracts, as well as consulting on insurance issues.


Insurance broker ALWAYS works on behalf of the Client, and not on behalf of insurance companies;

Insurance brokers always receive the best prices from insurance companies due to the fact that they have extensive experience in the market;

Only an Insurance broker can provide you with the conditions of several best companies at once, and conduct a general analysis of the offers, indicating all the advantages and disadvantages;

An Insurance broker makes pre-sales insurance contracts in order to eliminate inaccuracies and incorrect wording in order to protect the Client in case of insured events and to avoid misinterpretations;

An Insurance broker is always next to the Client on the first call in case of all kinds of troubles related to the insured risks;

Only an Insurance broker can free up your financial managers and lawyers from the hard work of collecting and processing data obtained from insurance companies, endless meetings and calls, thus they will be more effective in their operational work;

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